Menstrual Hygiene Packs

Yimba Uganda’s Tailoring Fashion Design students work towards improving Menstrual hygiene managment in Uganda by creating reusable menstrual hygiene packs!

Each month while studying, our students create 10 reusable MH packs as their contribution towards Yimba Uganda as opposed to paying school fees (providing them with a sense that they have earned their right to study for themselves) . Students are also provided with the opportunity to create additional packs as a way to obtain an income whilst studying. YU graduates often continue to create MH packs after graduation as a way to access a consistent income to support their families. By sewing MH packs, our students and graduates are able to utilize their new skills in tailoring to activity participate in igniting change in their communities, empowering young women to take control of their bodies and stay in school.


Angella, class of 2015

“Njagala Nyo okutunga packs, kuba kyekitono kyensobola okukola okuyamba abawala abalala mukitundu kyange.” – Angella, class of 2015

“I like making the packs because it is the little that I can do to help other girls in my community.”


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